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January 11, 2011

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Category | Windows 101

Learn how to measure your stylish new windows for just-as-stylish window treatments.

Here at Lux, we really love what we do. And when you spend the better part of your days looking at windows in every size, shape, colour, etc., you can develop a real interest in window treatments. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but we’ve noticed that new curtains almost always seem to go hand-in-hand with new windows. So with that in mind, I whipped up some simple directions just in case you need a little help measuring for drapes.

1. Read magazines, blogs and visit stores to explore your options before settling on a style. This is my favourite step.
2. Decide where the curtain rod will go. Most people measure about 6“ above the frame, but you should feel free to select your own distance. Just make sure the rod is even.
3. Curtains usually have an extra 2” or 3” on each side plus 2” or 3” more on the bottom, depending on the style. Think about how much privacy you want (a lot in your bedrooms and bathrooms, a little less in your kitchen) and then adjust from there.
4. Measure from the curtain rod down to the bottom, and then from one side to the other. Multiply by the number of panels and you’re done. Easy-peasy. Just make sure the person making your curtains knows the measurements already include the extra cloth you want.

Have fun choosing the right fabric and pattern for your home décor. There are some really great options available, so take your time. And don’t be afraid to leave your new windows unadorned for a little while. They’re pretty great on their own, don’t you think?