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Now in Canada from Lux Windows

Groundbreaking new switchable privacy glass transitions from clear to obscure in the blink of an eye

privacy with
just the ‘CLiC’
of a button

Say goodbye to curtains, shades and blinds, and hello to privacy in your home or workplace with innovative CLiC Privacy Glass from Lux Windows.

This remarkable new product provides instant privacy, ultra-reliable construction and unmatched clarity. CLiC’s liquid crystal technology switches from crystal clear to obscure with the touch of a button, so when electricity is on, windows with CLiC glass look exactly like traditional clear glass. When turned off, the liquid crystals scatter, diffusing the light into a soft even glow in less than a second.

It’s time for clarity when you want it, and privacy whenever you need it. Only from Lux.

Clic Glass in Private mode Clic Glass in Private mode

Clearly, a
brilliant solution

Toggle between “clear” and “private” to experience CLiC with the touch of a button.

Features & Benefits

Combined with our advanced frame construction, low-e coatings and other glazing options, this is the total package for energy performance and privacy. CLiC Privacy Glass features include:

  • Adds instant privacy to picture windows with the flip of a switch – no need for curtains, blinds or shades
  • Suitable for use in residential and commercial exterior window applications
  • Provides complete coverage from edge-to-edge, with no off-axis haze, fogginess or distortion
  • Durable and long-lasting, with the same energy-saving performance as other Lux glass products
  • Controls and limits sound transmission for added acoustic privacy
  • No special maintenance needed and can be combined with other glass glazing features
  • Draws only a small amount of electricity to operate in its clear state
  • Resists fading by blocking UV light and provides protection against forced entry and storm damage

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