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Energy Savings

Go green and save some green with advanced performance features from Lux

Window technology has come a long way over the years, and Lux is at the forefront of the evolution. Employing innovative materials and proven manufacturing processes, Lux is an industry leader in designing and fabricating next-generation windows that perform as beautifully as they look. With Lux, you don't have to compromise appearance for energy efficiency – you really can have it all.

Energy Saving Lux LoÉ Glass

There are many LoÉ glass types available to suit virtually any climate; Lux Windows uses a superior product most beneficial when considering energy efficiency for Canadian weather. LoÉ is a unique, microscopically thin coating (not affecting clarity) containing transparent layers of metal and metal oxides. This metal coating works in tandem with an argon gas enhanced airspace, greatly reducing the sun's hot rays from entering the home in the summer, and also traps interior climate conditions reducing energy costs of both heating and air conditioning.

Each and every Lux window and door is available with LoÉ glass. LoÉ also significantly resists damaging ultraviolet rays, protecting your curtains, furniture and flooring from fading.

Diagram of how heat is reflected with LoÉ windows

* Most heat is sent back to its original source.

The LoÉ Difference

LoÉ is a thin, invisible coating designed to reflect heat. It not only improves the energy efficiency of your home, it can reduce your monthly utility bills and the size of your carbon footprint.

Choose the Right LoÉ Glass for Your Home

When the temperature is heading to the top of the thermometer, ordinary window glass simply welcomes in the heat. Cardinal Loɲ, however, has been specially formulated to reject the sun’s heat and damaging rays and keep your home cool and comfortable. The patented Loɲ, coating provides high-performance solar control and visual clarity. The end result of all this engineering is that Cardinal Loɲ, provides the ultimate in comfort because it reduces window heat gain by 50% or more when compared to ordinary glass.

  • LoÉ 180® GLASS
    Trust Lux's great range of performance options to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient whatever the weather. Our LoÉ 180 glass effectively prevents heat transfer while allowing winter sun and light to pass through. The result? Cold air stays out, warm air stays in and natural light fills your home. The UV blocking feature also eliminates 71 per cent of harmful rays to protect what matters most.

  • Loɲ 270® GLASS
    Advanced technology means the glass in your new Lux windows is smarter than you think; our Loɲ 270 Glass is a perfect example. In the winter, this glass helps keep your home's interior warm and energy efficient by blocking heat loss. It works its magic during the hot summer months by preventing the sun's heat and UV rays from entering your home. Year-round comfort, year-round performance – that's 365 reasons to smile!

  • Loɳ 366® GLASS
    If high performing windows are a must for your renovation or new construction project, look to Lux's Loɳ 366. A perfect blend of solar control and crystal clear visibility, this precision-engineered solution eliminates heat from the sun without impacting optical clarity thanks to an additional layer of silver coating. Ultimate interior comfort and optimal energy efficiency are what makes this glass a favourite among construction professionals.

  • LOÉ I89® GLASS
    Introducing the latest breakthrough in energy efficiency – the LoÉ i89. Taking an already excellent product and making it even better, our enhanced i89 glass represents a new standard in energy performance and interior comfort. The new energy-saving room-side surface coating, coupled with our Loɲ and Loɳ, actually reflects escaping heat back into the room and lowers U-factors. Enjoy near triple-pane performance in a double-pane unit.

Indoor Glass Temperatures & Relative Heat Gains

  Winter Summer
Insulating Glass Product Centre of Glass °C MRT °C MRT °C SHGC
Clear - Clear716270.78
Loɲ 270 - Clear 1318260.37
Loɳ 366 - LoÉ i89 #4 920250.27
Clear - Clear - Clear1117280.71
Loɲ 270 - Clear - LoÉ 1801619260.33
Loɲ 270 - LoÉ 180 - LoÉ i89 #61220260.32
Loɳ 366 - LoÉ 180 - LoÉ i89 #61220250.24
MRT: Mean Radiant Temperature
SHGC: Solar Heat Gain Coefficient