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Window Types

A World of Windows, Crafted with Signature Lux Quality & Style

From our classic and elegant Aluminum Clad Window, to the striking and smart LynX Hybrid and the cost-effective, low maintenance PVC Window, Lux Windows offers an exceptional selection of window styles and materials crafted with quality you can see.

Common Configurations

casement windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows open in a similar fashion to a door, swinging out from the frame and easily controlling the desired ventilation.

awning windows

Awning Windows

Awning windows open from the bottom, allowing fresh air in while providing protection from precipitation outdoors.

casement windows

Slider Windows

With horizontal and vertical orientations available, sliding windows provide an abundance of light and easily regulated airflow. Available in LynX Hybrid and PVC Only.

casement windows

Picture Windows

While they don’t provide ventilation, picture windows maximize views through clean architectural lines. These windows lend themselves to countless design possibilities and shapes, as outlined in the “Custom Shaped Windows” section of this catalogue.

awning windows

Fixed Sash Windows

Fixed sash windows are a picture window with a non-operable sash, designed to create matching sightlines when paired with a casement or awning window to ensure a balanced appearance.

Fresco windows

Fresco Pass-Through Windows

Pass-through windows open upwards a full 90 degrees to connect the indoors with outdoor living spaces. Compressed gas springs allow for easy opening and gentle, soft-closing

Fixed Sash vs Picture Casement

Picture Casement

Fixed Sash Casement

Specialty Windows

Whether your choice is Aluminum Clad, Wood or PVC, specialty windows offer the potential for endless design possibilities.

Custom Shapes

Shaped windows are custom built to suit any plan and can add interesting detail. Combined with other window options such as our casement, awning, or sliding window styles, specialty windows offer a truly unique design component to any home.

Custom shapes

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows are three-sided and built to any custom angle. Typical angles are 45, 60 or 90 degrees. Bow windows are a popular alternative to bays; four or more windows adjoin to make an arc or bow. Both bay and bow windows add living space to your home. Available in floor or bench models, bows and bays are an excellent addition to kitchens, family rooms and master suites.

Custom shapes

Custom shapes

Corner Windows

Corner windows provide a seamless view from two angles allowing for maximum light and impact. Available with or without a post, this is an excellent and popular choice for contemporary architecture.

Corner Mullion Window

Corner Window Glass to Glass

Basement Windows

Slider windows are most common for basement applications and are suited to a variety of options. Our slider windows are available in both maintenance-free PVC and the Lux-exclusive LynX Hybrid series, allowing for greater colour customization to match the rest of your home's exterior. Choose from dual or triple-pane and an assortment of glass options. 

Hopper-style basement windows open completely, allowing maximum airflow. This window can help meet egress codes for smaller-sized window applications. Available in maintenance-free PVC. 

No matter your personal style, count on our basement windows to provide the features and performance you expect from Lux.

Basement sliding window

Basement Hopper window