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Preserve Your Investment

What makes this Lux solution great?

Preserve™ protectant film peels off easily, revealing gleaming new windows below.

Features & Benefits

Glass can get scratched or damaged on the job site during construction. It also can get splattered with materials used in the construction process such as paint, stains, stucco, spackling etc. Glass is also exposed to the dirty environment in construction that will leave mud, dust and dirt on the glass.

With Preserve™ - Protective Film, Cleanup is a Snap

Preserve™ - Protective Film is a clear Protective Film that is factory applied in overlapping layers to both the interior and exterior surfaces of the glass. After the job’s completed, Preserve film easily peels off, taking all the accumulated dirt and labels with it. There’s no need for razor blade cleanup, so you reduce the risk of scratched glass.

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Preserve protective film peeling off easily
Environment Awareness Because Preserve™ - Protective Film contains no harmful chemicals or by-products, it can be recycled or disposed of with the rest of normal construction site debris.