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Finishing Touches

Product Details


For over 50 years, Truth Hardware has been recognized as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of quality operating hardware. This hardware meets, or exceeds the maximum performance requirements that are sought in today’s market of larger, more versatile casement and awning windows. Truth Hardware has long been recognized for its vast array of quality finishes and its ability to provide the most attractive, easiest operating and highest performing window hardware.

Lux windows include Truth Hardware operators with standard collapsible handles to avoid interference with blinds.

Privacy Glass

Ideal for rooms and entries requiring privacy, the added benefit of diffused light and decorative style, Lux's array of patterns and options add personality and functionality to any space.

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) & Grill Designs

SDL and grill bars are often added to customize a window and match the architectural style of the home. When applied, SDL’s give the traditional true divided lite appearance, while grills offer additional decor options to complement your choice of window style.

Curved top windows are enhanced with custom designed simulated divided lites that can be built in virtually any configuration. In addition, packed mullions add dramatic style to the window.

Double Heritage

SDL Size Options

Simulated Divided Lites Series
Available for all window types in your choice of custom or standard colours

Shown here in aluminum and available in your choice of custom or standard aluminum exterior colours. Can be paired with a wood or PVC interior.

Shown here in white PVC.

Grill Colour Options

5/8 inch grill options 3/8 inch grill options


A brickmould, the exterior trim around a window, is the final design element that completes the look of your new window.

Exterior fixtures

aluminum brickmould

Available in 5/8", 2" and 3 1/2". This option comes standard with an integral nailing and is versatile for both renovation and new construction applications. Shown here in the 2" option, this brickmould is a great way to increase curb appeal.

build up & clad

Build up and Clad is an option when replacing windows to provide a prefinished exterior in a wide variety of colours and widths. This technique is low maintenance and extends past the frame of the new window.


PVC Renovation Brickmould is factory applied and specifically designed for replacing windows. The removable cap around the perimeter conceals the mounting screws making the replacement seem virtually invisible.

The cap is contoured for added aesthetic appeal and gives a clean and fresh finish to your renovation. Available in 1 1/2", 1 3/4" and 2" sizes.

1" Sub-Sill features the same heritage detail found in a wood moulding but with the longevity and durability of vinyl, making it maintenance-free. Combined with our Renovation Brickmould, it further compliments our PVC Window Series and makes replacing older wood windows with a sub-sill seamless.